Website Development

These days, it seems anyone can call themselves a web designer. We do more than web design: We develop elegant user experiences. Some of the UX services we offer include:

  • Site Audits (usability study of existing assets)
  • Flows and Navigation Maps
  • User stories or Scenarios
  • Site Maps and Content Inventory
  • Wireframes (screen blueprints or storyboards)
  • Prototypes (For interactive or in-the-mind simulation)
  • Written specifications (describing the behavior or design)
  • Graphic mockups (Precise visual of the expected end result)

We also offer custom programming, app development and database expertise.

SEO + Content Curation

There are two core phases in creating an effective SEO strategy:

  • Setting the Foundation (research and analysis, on-site optimization, analytics and user-experience enhancements)
  • Ongoing SEO (new content production, link acquisition and social media marketing).

Content is king, when it comes to aiming for success with search engines. We have a staff of professional SEO copywriters who will work with you to create original, relevant and interesting content for your website, blog and social media platforms.

And when you’re ready to start creating video content, we have strong relationships with some of the most amazing videographers in Vancouver.

Cloud Computing +
Data Management

Our cloud computing solutions can help you run your business better.

  • Is your business outgrowing your current software/hardware?
  • Do you need help organizing, storing and sharing your company documents?
  • Do you need help developing beautiful data-driven reports?
  • Do you have security or backup concerns?

Put simply, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and software over the Internet. Rather than having all of your data on a hard drive that is only accessible from one machine, cloud computing allows you the flexibility, collaborative opportunities and convenience of accessing your information through virtually any device with an Internet connection.